Backyard Discovery Monticello Swing Set

Monticello Swing Set

monticello swing set

Finding the right swing set can be an adventure. Backyard Discovery's Monticello Swing Set has only one surprise... Its value!


Backyard Discovery's Monticello Swing Set is by far one of the best deals on the market. It is huge, has many features and and you can buy it for less than $900. It is quickly becoming one of the more popular swing sets preferred by families. As many people know, recess has been slowly minimized in the school systems. Parents are now turning to their own backyards to ensure that their children still have fond memories of a playground. This can begin to get pricy with the larger sets, however with this deal everyone wins!

So What does the Monticello Swing Set Have to Offer?


The Monticello Swing Set has quite a few things to make it special. It is not only an enormous but it also includes monkey bars, a sun porch with pergola top, a covered porch and slide, a picnic area and plenty of places for swinging and climbing!


Backyard Discovery put a little something for everyone into this playground. From a unique place to draw, to a stage for wild imaginations, the Monticello Swing set will help inspire and encourage your child not only exercise their bodies but also their minds.


Making your Play Zone a Safe Zone: Important Tips to Keep the Monticello Swing Set a Place of Smiles!


Picking The Right Surface for Your Playground: There are quite a few things you should consider when choosing the area you want to place the Monticello Swing Set. First, make sure the ground is level. Make sure that you are not on or near concrete, asphalt or other hard surfaces (atleast 6 ft. away). Adding a shock absorbing surface is highly recommended. Rubber mulch, wood chips, sand and fine gravel are all examples of safe options. Be sure to only add these materials after you set up your playground. Never install the playground on sand, mulch etc.


Understanding the Space Your Playground Really Needs : You may have already found in your research that each playground has a recommended play space perimeter. The Monticello Swing Set should have 6 ft. from its structure and all other structures both around and above the swing set. These other structures can be things such as trees, fences and electrical wiring.


The Most Important Way to keep your Playground Safe: When you choose where to place the swing set keep in mind you will need to be supervising your children so pick a place that is convenient for watching the outdoor fun.


Dont Forget, Your Playground has a Manual: Using the manual will save a lot of time assembling the swing set and it will reduce the risk of injuries. Be sure to read through it before, during and after you set up the playground. It has important advice based off of many years of experience!


Have no Fear, You and a Friend can Assemble your Swing Set!


Here are a few ways people tackle assembly. They cookout and have some friends over to help. A nice lunch usually does the trick to get people over and setting up the Swing Set. Some people simply hire the local handy man to set everything up. However, if it is just you and a friend you can still get it done in a day!


Want to check out the installation before you buy? Download the Owners Manual.


Download The Monticello Swing Set Instruction Manual



So now you know all about the Monticello Swing Set, it is time to do some price shopping!


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